Visitors shot gun permit application

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If you are resident overseas you will need to apply for either a Visitor’s Shotgun Permit (Section 2 firearms, shotguns as defined in UK law*) or a Visitor’s Firearms Permit (Section 2 Firearms, i.e., rifles and 5 or 10 shot shotguns etc) when visiting Great Britain.  Grant of the permit will allow import and use of the listed firearms and/or the acquisition of approved firearms for use and export.  The CPSA will act as the overseas visitors Sponsor for the purposes of making the application.

It is an offence for any persons to knowingly or recklessly make a false statement for the purpose of procuring the grant of a permit.

*Firearms to which Section 2 applies are shotguns including any smooth bore gun with a barrel length of not less than 60.96 cm (24 inches) and a bore of not more than 5.08 cm (2 inches) and has a non-detachable magazine holding not more than two cartridges.  Shotguns and any other weapons that do not fall within this description are Section 1 firearms.